Daiquiri Weekender – 19th – 23rd July 2017

Rum, sugar and lime. That’s all it took for Jennings Cox to come up with one of the most recognisable cocktails of the 20th century. In ode to this revolutionary Cuban drink & our favourite spirit, we’re holding a Daiquiri Weekender, celebrating the old & the new; the tried and tested & the contemporary; the […]

Jamaican Independence Day Weekender, 4th – 6th August 2017

After 307 years, Jamaica finally gained independence from colonial rule in 1962 – if that’s not worth a wray, we don’t know what is! Join us & Wray and Nephew from 4th August for a weekend of jerk, Reggae music for the soul and the all important overproof! We’re teaming up with Spice It Up […]

Black Tot Weekender with Pussers, 28th-30th July 2017

‘Rum, sodomy and the lash’. The very foundations on which the British navy was built. Whilst this anecdote isn’t strictly true, they did enjoy a ration of overproof rum as part of their daily diet,or at least until the 70’s. Good things never last eh. Join us and Pusser’s rum as we bring back this […]