All the charm of a traditional British pub.
We stock 40 different single malts.


The Prince used to be a classic spit and sawdust boozer and our front bar remains true to this tradition. There’s no spit, no sawdust but it is still a proper boozer.

A real fire, good old fashioned leather bench seating and a stunning selection of real ales and single malts. We do have a large screen TV for major sporting events and The Front Bar is a great place to watch Football and Rugby, especially in the company of our resident moose, Maddox, who adorns the wall, keeping a watchful eye over proceedings.

Cask Beer is at the heart of the pub and we feature a large range of fantastic beers. We select the finest cask beers in the land and stick with them, perhaps adding a new one every couple of months. When we say select, we don’t mean we pick them from a list, we often travel around visiting breweries, checking out beer festivals, going in other good pubs and seeking out the best beers. This way our customers get great beers they know they can trust and avoid the hit and miss of the latest micro brewed fad. Camra types might call our selection pedestrian but even Roger Protz agrees with us, its hard to find a beer of the same style that beats Bishops Farewell (or Landlord or any of the others on the list).

The cask ales we offer include:

  1. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord
  2. Sharp’s Doom Bar
  3. Purity Mad Goose
  4. St Austell’s Tribute

These ales all represent the pinnacle of British brewing tradition.

Guest ales we often feature are Titanic’s Plum Porter, Fixed Wheel’s No Brakes IPA & Thornbridge’s Jaipur.

If you want to try something with a little more crafty, we also stock a wide range of breweries including Magic Rock and Siren, and few classic bottles from Belgium including Duvel. A session working your way through these is guaranteed to make anyone feel happy.

If these aren’t enough we also have something a little stronger on offer. Our “Top Shelf Selection” features 50 single malts. Enough to warm the cockles of even the coldest heart.

We also have a collection of over40 different rums, 12 excellent gins and a bourbon shelf  for you guys to feast your eyes on.

Oh…almost forget. We do sell lager.And crisps. We love crisps

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